TUNNELS with Percy Jones

1) Inseminator (Jones) 6:09
2) Prisoners Of The Knitting Factory Hallway (Wagnon) 6:37
3) Tunnels (Jones) 6:56
4) Maxwell's Demon (Jones) 7:17
5) Bad American Dream part 24 (Jones, Wagnon,Manakas, Katz) 15:42
6) Freebander (Jones) 5:24
7) Area (Wagnon) 7:51
8) Freebander 3:49
9) Silck 5:39 (Jones)
10) Improvisation 4:35 (Jones, Wagnon, Katz)

note: the last two tracks are bonus tracks, not included on the original release

Percy Jones: bass
Marc Wagnon: midi vibes
Van Manakas: guitar
Frank Katz: drums

Recorded and mixed at Grampa Studios, Brooklyn, NY, February 15th to 25th 1993
engineer: Mick Cantarella
original release on Ozone Records, 1993 (OZ004-2)
Produced by Tunnels

Track 9 recorded live at CBGB's, NYC
Track 10 recorded live at The Knitting Factory, NYC

Cover design: Messi & Schmidt

1999 Buckyballmusic BR002

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