SCHIZOID DIMENSION: various artists

01- Controlled Bleeding- Talking Drum
02- David Cross- Exiles (Edit)
03- Brand X (West)- Red
04- Brand X (East)- Neil and Jack and Me
05- Chrome- Moonchild
06- Melting Euphoria- Lark's Tongues in Aspic (Part 1)
07- Alien Planetscapes- A Sailor's Tale
08- Architectural Metaphor- Cirkus
09- Pressurehed-
10- Astralasia- I Talk To The Wind
11- Xcranium- Cat Food
12- Spirits Burning- Red
13- Solid Space- In The Wake Of Poseidon

Percy only appears on track 04, along with Frank Katz on drums. Track 04 produced by Percy Jones and Frank Katz, engineered by Mick Cantarella at Grampa Studios.

Track 03 by "Brand X West" features John Goodsall, but not Percy.

1997 Purple Pyramid, a division of Cleopatra. CLP 0123-2

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