NO CURB AHEAD: Vic Stevens' Mistaken Identities

01- useless hUmans
02- the sun rises In the east
03- nO curb ahead
04- do the do that you dO
05- I travel alone
06- would yoU like to dance?
07- Answers
08- a party Of five
09- bUy the weigh

david fiuczynski: GUITAR
percy jones: BASS (tracks 1, 6, 8)
demetrios pappas: KEYBOARDS
chico huff: BASS (tracks 2-5, 7)
pablo batista: PERCUSSION
chris lovely: SAXOPHONES
alex domschot: GUITAR (track 4)
vic stevens: DRUMS

produced by vic stevens

recorded and mixed march-april 1997
at giant steps recording, absecon, nj

1997 lolo records LOLO 011-2

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