01- Sun In The Night
02- Why Should I Lend You Mine (When You've Broken Yours Off Already)...
03- ...Maybe I'll Lend You Mine After All
04- Hate Zone
05- Collapsar
06- Disco Suicide
07- Orbits
08- Malaga Virgen
09- Macrocosm

JOHN GOODSALL- Fender Stratocaster electric guitar/ Acoustic guitar/ Zone boxes/ Space echo/ Sitar/ Backing vocals/ Voltage-controlled aluminum bidet
PERCY JONES- Fender bass/ Amos effects boxes/ Autoharp on Orbits/ Marimba on Malaga Virgen
ROBIN LUMLEY- Fender Rhodes electric piano/ Acoustic piano/ Autoharp on Collapsar/ Mini-Moog synthesiser/ ARP Odyssey synthesiser/ Roland string synthesiser/ Backing vocals/ Clavinet/ Pulsar processor/ Space echo
PHIL COLLINS- Drums/ Lead vocals/ Acoustic piano on Maybe I'll Lend You Mine After All/ Frequency eater
MORRIS PERT- Percussion and a vast number of bits and things that he hit while the tape was running, including: The QE2, Idi Amin, and undiscovered parts of Scotland

Phil Collins appears courtesy of Atlantic Records
Recorded in Panavision at Trident Studios, London, December 1976/ January 1977, and mixed at Morgan Studios, London, February 1977
where the curtains are drawn, but the rest of the furniture is real
Engineered by PERDURABO STEPHEN W. TAYLOR (with an "e")
Produced by DENNIS (face-blaster) MACKAY in association with Brand X
Tape ops: Trident: Neil Ross, Geoff Leach, Steve Short, John Brand
Morgan: Chris Tsangarides
Tea Boys: Trident: Simon, Nigel, Bob. Morgan: Perry, Mark, and Victim
Album Mastered by Ray Staff

1977 Charisma Records

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