ESCAPE VELOCITY: Hari Karaoke Trio of Doom

 1. Secret Code *
 2. Old Stull Road
 3. Lotus Zone *
 4. Real Time Conversions
 5. The Nightrunners
 6. Concrete Island
 7. Venturing Out (Look Before You Loop)
 8. Nova Distress
 9. Stellate
10. Battery Park
11. Escape Velocity
12. Window Pane Dream/ Homebound ^
13. Stull Dub
14. Pulse Modulator *

All songs by Trio of Doom, except *by Doug Hitchcock
and ^by H. Dekassian and K. Rampton

Doug Hitchcok: drums, percussion, keyboards, radio tapes
Sal Cataldi: Roland guitar synth, electric guitars, live loops
John Hepburn: electric bass, harmonic strategies
Joe Palermo: trumpet, treated trumpet

featuring guest performances by
on track 3: Cynthia Harden: pianistic extrapolations
on track 12: Percy Jones: fretless bass
Hannes Dekassian: electric guitar
Kenny Rampton: muted trumpet
Mick Cantarella: tapes and effects

Recorded Jan. 20 and 21, and Mar. 21, 1996 at Grampa Studios, Brooklyn, NY
“Window Pane...” recorded live on Feb. 1, 1994 at the Knitting Factory, NYC.
Engineered by Mick Cantarella
Produced by Doug Hitchcock.

© 1996 Bad Egg 001 (CD)

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