1. The Man From Manhattan
 2. Happy Affair
 3. First Day in Exile
 4. Miss Amerika
 5. If I Knew
 6. Young Lady
 7. Walls
 8. Chicago Kid
 9. Can’t Get Over You
10. Waiting in the Wings
11. Little Crocodile
12. You’ll Never Know
13. Enough For Me
14. Don’t Say You Love Me
15. You Come To Mind
16. Touch Of Love 

featuring: Eddie Howell: vocals, acoustic guitars
and the supporting band is Brand X, making their debut together on record. The members were:
Phil Collins: drums and percussion
Robin Lumley: keyboards
Percy Jones: bass
John Goodsall: guitar

and guest appearances from:
Freddie Mercury, Brian May, Jack Lancaster, Gary Moore, Jerome Rimson,
Barry De-Souza, Gaspar Lawal, Tony Slater

Engineered by Dennis Mackay
Produced by Robin Lumley and Dennis Mackay
Recorded at Trident Studios, June- July, 1975

© 1994 Bud Records BUD1CD

(originally released on Warner Brothers Records, and titled “The Gramophone Record”)

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