BREAD ON THE NIGHT: The Liverpool Scene

1. The day we danced at the dole (Mike Evans) 2:56
2. The Raven (Andy Roberts) 2:45
3. G.B.S. Blues (Mike Evans) 3:25
4. The entry of Christ into Liverpool (Henri, Roberts, Evans, Dodson, Jones) 7:47
5. 64 (Andy Roberts) 2:29
6. Come into the perfumed garden Maud (Adrian Henri) 7:50
7. See the conkering heroine comes (Henri, Roberts) 4:26
8. Winter poem (Henri, Jones) 3:17
9. I've got those Fleetwood Mac Chicken Shack John Mayall can't fail Blues (Adrian Henri) 5:34

Adrian Henri- vocals
Andy Roberts- vocals guitars accordian harmonica penny whistles
Mike Evans- vocals tenor alto
Bryan Dodson- drums
Percy Jones- bass, harmonica

Produced by Sandy Roberton and The Liverpool Scene

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